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On Paratito you will find gifts from carefully selected suppliers. We promote sustainable gifts, products from start-ups and those that are particularly high quality in our eyes.

Why give sustainable gifts? Why are our values so important?

Many gifts are often bought at the last second and without deeper thought. Many people are simply concerned with giving a gift because this is expected.

In our eyes, this is a wrong approach. Gifts are intended to express affection and often a “thank you”. Inappropriate gifts, or those of inferior quality not only show low appreciation, but also harm the environment. These often end up in the garbage or in the attic after a short time.

With Paratito, we want to make the world a little better and encourage gift-givers to make conscious and sustainable gifts.

"Especially when gifting your loved ones, you should think outside the box"

Environmental protection and social responsibility

We think outside the box and support environmental protection and social projects with Paratito. Let’s make the world a little better together through sustainable gifts and create awareness in making gifts.

Sustainable Gifts | Environ-mental Protection Promoting and Social Gifts

Gifts that promote environmental protection

Especially at Christmas time or on “Black Friday”, people often buy products just for the sake of buying them. This completely disregards the fact that the products are mass-produced and pollute the environment during production and transport.

On the other hand, people naturally want to show their loved ones how important they are, and besides, some products are naturally needed.

to improve your sustainable footprint, make sure to choose high-quality gifts. These will stay with the recipient materially or emotionally for a long time.

Also, you can balance the Co2 footprint a bit. For example, flights are important to understand other cultures and to mediate between them. Or you can support the protection of animals and species. You can find suitable gifts on Paratito.

Social gifts - gifts with social responsibility

– But not only the environment should be considered in the manufacture of products. Often products are made by child labor or in inhumane factories. Here you should make sure that the products are manufactured fairly. A role model as a sustainable manufacturer is, for example, Patagonia. They not only use recycled materials, but also make products that have a high quality and last long and are also Fairtrade made.

High quality products

Emotional and high-quality gifts not only remain in the minds of the recipients, but also promote environmental protection.

Emotional and quality gifts

High-quality products are those that are of high quality and therefore last a long time, or those that offer a high emotional value. High-quality products are therefore not only better received by the recipient, but they also protect the environment. High-quality gifts are therefore also sustainable.

High quality gifts

Material gifts should be of high quality in any case. What good is a funny gift that ends up in the trash 2 days later?

What also goes down well is the combination of high-quality and emotional gifts such as a voucher for a joint game night together with a game. Great games like Klask from the Finnish start-up of the same name can be found in the Paratito app. Klask can also be customized, for example.

Emotional hochwertige Geschenke

Besonders zur Weihnachtszeit oder zu “Black Friday” kaufen Menschen häufig nur des Kaufens-Willen Produkte. Dabei wird völlig außer Acht gelassen, dass Produkte in Massen hergestellt werden und die Umwelt zum einen bei der Herstellung und beim Transport belastet wird.

Auf der anderen Seite möchte man natürlich seinen Liebsten zeigen, wie wichtig sie sind, und auf der anderen Seite werden natürlich auch Produkte benötigt.

Auf der einen Seite sollte man daher schauen, dass man hochwertige Geschenke aussucht. Diese bleiben dem Beschenkten lange materiell oder emotional erhalten.

Auf der anderen Seite kann man versuchen die Co2-Bilanz etwas auszugleichen. Beispielsweise Flüge sind wichtig um andere Kulturen zu verstehen und zwischen diesen zu vermitteln. Oder man setzt sich für Tierschutz und Artenschutz ein. Passende Geschenke dazu findest du in der Paratito-App.

creative gifts

Creative gifts are among the most demanding. To make suitable creative gifts you need to know the recipient well. For example, you can paint and craft a picture that will decorate the wall in the living room for many years. Craftsmen can also build a lamp, for example. Numerous inspirations for this can be found on Pinterest.

Or how about promoting personal goals? Offer a voucher and donate 50 cents to a charitable organization for every kilometer your recipient walks.

Examples of creative gifts
  • Paratito gift card
  • Pictures
  • Weekend with sightseeing
Experience gifts

One of the best gifts are experiences that you can give to your loved ones. These remain in the minds of the recipients for the rest of their lives.

Examples of experience gifts
  • Parachute jump
  • Evening together
  • Weekend with sightseeing
  • Joint restaurant visit


We are a start-up and we love start-ups. That’s why we want to support start-ups.

Start-ups often begin with a vision. They want to improve something or solve a problem. But all beginnings are difficult. Especially when the budget is limited and the competition is high. On Paratito, start-ups get the chance to place their products for free or at low cost and to make their brand better known.

-To clear up all misunderstandings here: Start-Ups also offer high quality products. We only list them separately again to emphasize the relevance on Paratito.

sustainable gifts

concious gifting

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