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With Paratito no anniversary will be forgotten. At every occasion you will impress with suitable and creative gifts without any stress.

What is Paratito?

Paratito is the new giftapp. Paratito shows you the best gift ideas, matching the interests of your loved ones. It also reminds you of upcoming anniversaries, birthdays and celebratory days.

Impress with selected gifts like Tinte Gin by edelranz

Tolle Geschenke wie Tinte Gin findet man auf Paratito

Tinte Gin by Edelranz.

Tinte Gin was spontaneously developed by its inventor Florian Polakovski as a birthday gift. Florian wanted to impress with a gift that would be both high-quality, that would impress with its taste and that would remain in the memory for a long time.

The birthday gift was so well received by all guests that Florian decided to sell the Tinte Gin under the edelranz brand.

In the meantime, Tinte Gin can be found in more and more stores in several cities, mainly in the Rhine-Main area. It is often a popular gift for various occasions.

We are happy to anounce that you can also find Tinte Gin on Paratito now.

Category: #Food&Drinks

Events: #birthday #wedding #fathersday

Status: #bestfriend #parent #sibling #parentsinlaw #son/sisterinlaw

Age: #18+

Price: from 25,25€

Find Tinte Gin and more unique Giftideas now on Paratito.

How would you explain Paratito to your grandma?

Dear Grandma,

once I told mom that my friend Paul does yoga and that his birthday is July 15. Mom asked me exactly 3 days before Paul’s birthday if I had already thought about the birthday and if I already bought a present. Of course, as usual, I forgot the birthday and had absolutely no idea what to give.

Mom, of course, knew this and had already bought a yoga mat for me to give to Paul. Paratito is like mom, maybe even a little better. She thinks of everything, knows every single one of my friends and always has super gift ideas that fit perfectly. 

This it how it works

Download the app and find unique gift ideas of our amazing partners for your friends.

Add a gift concierge for your friends. Your concierge will take into account your friends’ interests and suggest the right gift. Your concierge will also consider the specific occasion when choosing a gift.

You are not sure about the gift yet? No problem. Put suitable gifts on your watch list and remember them for later.

Your gift concierge will notify you in time for anniversaries, birthdays, mother’s day and many other important occasions. So you’ll never miss an opportunity to make your loved ones happy.

We tell you where you can buy the best gifts. With one click you will get to our partners website and with a second click the gifts will be delivered to your home.

Paratito makes live better

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Less Stress

Paratito users are more relaxed than people who do not use Paratito.

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closer friendships

100% of all Paratito users have closer friendships.

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better gifts

100% of all people make better gifts thanks to Paratito.


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For whom is Paratito useful?

Very few products are suitable for all people. Focusing on specific target groups enables a more suitable product for those who use the product. Here you can find out if Paratito is suitable for you.

When buying gifts, there are exactly two types of people:

On the one hand there are the very well-organized people. Those think about what to give for a birthday or christmas all around the year and they usually buy gifts a month before the event. In addition, these people have every anniversary in mind.

– If you are one of these, Paratito is probably not necessary for you.

On the other hand there are the “I’ll find something in time -people”, this groups joins about 80% of all people. They don’t waste a single thought on gifts throughout the year. And consequently christmas or the birthday of the friend is there “so suddenly”.

These people then start searching for christmas gifts 5 days before Christmas Eve without any suitable idea.

So then compromise solutions are made and 0815 gifts are bought. Holidays, anniversaries or birthdays of friends, to which one should actually look forward to, become stressy moments.

– In particular the moment at which the gift is finally unpacked is not a pleasant moment neither for the presentee, nor the congratulator.

So that these persons – and that are 80% of all people – can go through their year in a more relaxed way and improve their relationships through small attentions, we have developed Paratito.

Do you recognize yourself?

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together we provide the best gifts for your loved ones.


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The world of gifts

Paratito. Gifts that make happy

Gifts are more than just a product. With gifts, you associate experiences that make you look back many years, or that still regularly give you happy moments. Do you perhaps remember your first music CD, which you received as a gift from your kindergarten friend and which you listened to together for hours? Or maybe there’s a silver bracelet your friend gave you for Christmas that you now get compliments on from all directions at work? For my girlfriend, it’s probably the wireless headphones that her in-laws gave her for her 30th birthday and that she now actually uses around the clock. When jogging, when working or when falling asleep. For me, it’s the fluffy bathrobe that I snuggle up in after every sauna session and that I received from an unknown person at Christmas. It would be much too bad not to take the chance to please your best friend, girlfriend or mom or dad when it comes up. People who are perfectly organized usually manage to do it. For everyone else, there is now Paratito.

Support start-ups with Paratito

We are a start-up and we love start-ups. Start-ups are usually created by ideas and visions. These in turn arise from ideas, visions, coincidences and problems. Currently, numerous start-ups are sprouting from the ground, which have set themselves the task of making the world a little more social. Others, such as the former Cornflakes or Nutella, were created by chance and it turned out that the product was simply well received. However, a good product is often not enough, as customers also have to become aware of the product. For this reason, we are happy to give start-ups an opportunity to make their products known.

From the heart for you- Para ti

Our founder Stefan was abroad in spanish speaking countries for several years. He lived for a year in Mexico, where he did a voluntary social year. Later, he traveled with his best friend from Colombia to Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. His last longer stay abroad was in Cuba, where he founded his first start-up tripmind. During all these travels he not only learned the Spanish language, but also met warm-hearted people who helped out in many situations that were sometimes difficult. The name “Paratito” is made up of the southern Spanish “Para ti”, meaning for you, and the contraction “ito”. Paratito therefore stands for an attitude towards life. Let’s help and support each other. We chose the spanish word, because we feel that in spanish speaking countries the people are maybe a bit more heartly than in other countries. We want to bring these positives vibes also to germany.

My special Paratito moment

Ecuador 2017. I was traveling alone and stayed the night in a small low-budget bungalow. In the evening I went to the beach to party. When I arrived back at the bungalow in the morning I was shocked at first. My bungalow was broken into and ALL my stuff was stolen. Hiking boots, backpack, clothes etc. the only thing left was my passport on the table. 

But after a few hours everything was not so bad, a nice Ecuadorian woman gave me with the words “Para ti” a small backpack in which I could pack my last things.
-This moment is only one of many. I could tell you many more moments without stopping to talk. life is beautiful. When did you have your last Paratito-Moment?

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