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What do people celebrate on Ascension Day again? When is Thanksgiving and why are so many rockets fired on New Year’s Eve? We answer all these questions and many more in our articles.

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Why a blog about gifts and holidays?

Very simple. Gifts and holidays are very special for us humans. Holidays allow us to get out of the daily grind. We can finally do the things we love on holidays. At least the things that you do not get to in normal everyday life, or do not think about, because all the issues revolve around work.

But holidays, after all, are not made up. Besides the point of taking time for yourself, friends and family, holidays are also days that often have historical or religious significance. For atheists, religious holidays matter more in a broader sense. For example, Christmas gives us a chance to think about values such as trust, love, etc., and it also gives us time for family and friends.

Gifts often coincide with holidays.

From a Christian point of view, gifts are of course also firmly tied to Christmas, but we now give gifts on many other occasions: Birthdays, weddings, school enrollments, anniversaries, farewells. The list of occasions on which people give each other gifts is long. But it is not so easy to always find the right gift. What do you give for a wedding? Which gifts go down particularly well with women? Or what gifts are currently in fashion for my nephew? We answer many of these questions in our blog.

Did you know that gifts are also common in the animal kingdom? Penguins, for example, give females stones to build their nests.

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