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- Gifts? Paratito! -

Become a Paratito Partner

brief selection of our partners

together we are building the best plattform for gifts

What advantages do I have through Paratito as a partner?

  1. Show your products next to other products, which radiate their positive image on your brand and products.
  2. You support our start-up with our extraordinary and stress reducing idea
  3. You receive another distribution channel.
Vorteile 2

What do I have to do to place my products on Paratito?

  1. Fill in our form to tell us about you interest about a Paratito partnership
  2. We will get in contact with you
  3. Tell us which product you want to provide on the plattform and give us the information we need to present the product
  4. We will insert the product into the Paratito app
  5. We activate your products and inform you
  6. Ready to sell your products trough Paratito


In order not to burden the environment unnecessarily, only products with a sales price of less than 10€ will not be included. In addition, the following products will not be included: Products with racist or sexist content, products with inferior quality, products that do not fit into the app in our opinion.

Paratito will be available in Q1 2021

Paratito is funded through affiliate links. However, at the app launch, the referral is initially free.

Let us tell success storys together

Our vision is to build the best gift platform.

We want everyone in Germany or even in the world to receive a Paratito giftcard once in their life and be happy that someone is thinking of them.

To make that possible and provide the best customer experience, we are looking for partners who provide the best products for every occasion and every friend. In addition, we are always evolving the app so that Paratito becomes the preferred gifting app that makes life easier and friendships a little more beautiful. In doing so, we always keep our values in mind: Sustainability, Quality as well as the “icing on the cake” that makes Paratito unique.

Gifts? Paratito!

Paratito Partner

Bitte füllt folgende Felder aus, damit wir eure Produkte möglichst ansprechend und aussagekräftig auf Paratito platzieren können.

Sind noch Fragen offen?

Kontaktiert uns gerne jederzeit unter  +49 163 61 83 989 oder unter partner@paratito.com.

Unser Team freut sich von euch zu hören.